God’s Timing

Well this week has just flown by and it’s only a few days left until Christmas. I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast……….I was looking at our family picture from last year and I just can’t believe how much my kids have grown.
A year ago in October I went to a spiritual warfare conference in Kansas City, KS at the International House of Prayer………I was remembering some stuff that was said to me there! That a time of spiritual renewal was coming for me……….I remember being skeptical because I had never believed in prophetic stuff before. But when I went into the room I was so in need of a touch from God. My life as I knew it was falling apart and I cried desperately for God to do something, intervene somehow, I won’t go into details but HE DID. He met me through some people who didn’t know me at all but they had words from God for me……..so specific to what was going on in my life that I cried through the entire time I was with them………….they spoke words of healing into my life, that God had plans for me……that I am his sunflower! I am finally understanding exactly how much God loves me………this is the time of refreshing he promised me last year through those people. I was reminded by Him today………that still small voice….”I kept my promise“…….I am so in awe of God. I am so relieved! It feels so good to bask a little in God’s unfailing love for me…….I know it won’t stay this way, stuggles come, life gets in the way sometimes, but He reminded me today that his timing is perfect and that HE keeps his promises even when people don’t!



2 thoughts on “God’s Timing

  1. Yay God!
    He is always faithful isn’t He? We just need to remember that its His timing and not ours, that things will change in our lives. I’m so happy for you Crystal. You deserve this so much!!

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