White as Snow!

Isaiah 1:18
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow”
I was thinking on this verse today………on the way home from my first day interning!
We just got some snow…..everything is white! When you think of White you think clean, fresh….scarlett is red……..it represents blood, stains…….even though I don’t like snow I love this verse. It means that my God is the God of second chances…….he loves making us new, fresh..clean. He wipes away the stains, from the sin that we are all born into and he forgets them, even when people remember them and judge you for them!
This is what today felt like……….a new fresh start……….God must love me allot to think of all these details that he worked out. A great Woman to work with……who looks at me like HE looks at me! A positive working environment where I am sure I will learn allot……a new perspective and a fresh start!
It was a great day


2 thoughts on “White as Snow!

  1. Hey Crystal, I found you. Good post. All God’s grace on your new internship. I love snow, and it just snowed here a couple of days ago (Maryland) and it’s a beautiful reminder of the work of our Lord, in more ways than one. God bless! Sue

  2. That’s so awesome Crystal,

    Its nice being in a positive environment isn’t it? I’m so happy to hear that Wanda treats you so well and looks at you like you are worth something in God’s eyes, cause you are!! Have fun, sounds like you already are. Take care.

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