A Brand New Day!

Today we started Church in at Circle Drive………..and it was so amazing…………I don’t remember a time that I was so excited to start fresh. The vision of the Church is so exciting and Barry and I both walked away from the service with new passion for ministry. It was such a breath of fresh air…..to be surrounded by positive people heading in a positive direction.
One of the stories from the sermon was about a man and his son that loved to collect art together…..they were quite wealthy so they spent a small fortune on their art collection……………the son got drafted and had to go to fight in the war and within two weeks the Father recieved a visit from the miltary telling him that his son had been killed in action. Well the Father went into a serious depression because he missed his son so much. About a month after the funeral there was a knock at the door and there stood a young man who told the Father that his son had saved his life and in the process had been killed but before he died he had given him something that the son had asked him to give his Father. The Father opened the package anxiously and in it was a portrait of the son that he had done in a local village and the likeness to his son was unbelieveable……the Father immediately removed the paintings over the fireplace that were valued at over $200 000 and place the painting of his son in their place.
Well about 6 months later the Father died and art collectors all over the world clamored for the paintings that they knew he had collected and anxiously waited for the auction. Finally the day of the auction came and the first painting up for bids was the portrait of the son……….all the art collectors protested……….”Let’s get to the good stuff!” they stated and the auctioner told them that nothing else would get sold until this painting of his son get’s sold. He began the bid at $100…….the room was silent for a few minutes and then finally one of the Father’s old neigbors piped up and said that he only had $50 but he would use that to buy the painting of the son…….he had known him after all, he liked the boy too……a nice kid he stated……….going once, going twice……….sold to the man who bid $50.
“Finally, now let’s get on to the good stuff” stated the art collectors………the auctioneer paused…….then said…….”the auction is over”. Outraged the art collectors yelled “what about the other paintings?” The Auctioneer paused again and then said ” as per the Father’s instruction, the one who buy’s the son’s portrait gets it all……..the entire collection”.
This is like the gift of Jesus into the World………the one who accepts the Son….Jesus……get’s it all! Forgiveness of sins, fellowship with God……..and eternal life……..it’s really just that simple!

I really loved that story…….I hope that you guys enjoyed it as well!


3 thoughts on “A Brand New Day!

  1. I’m glad that you felt welcome and comfortable at CDA. It makes such a world of difference when there isn’t any negativity in the air, doesn’t it? The story about the father and son is so true. We do have everything when we have Christ in our lives…sometimes we just need a good knock on the head to remind us of that.
    I really hope that this is a new beginning for you and that you’ll be able to “move on” from the past and leave it there. Take care.

  2. i’m pumped that you were able to feel comfortable & excited about your new church. you have made such a big change & such sacrifices that you deserve to find happiness & hope in all of this! i’m excited to see what God will do in the next little while!

  3. I feel happy that you have found peace and comfort in your new church. I am also happy you have changed your blog addresse. Negative people only bring down your spirits.
    Have a great day!

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