Friendship over Pepsi

Today I had a pepsi with Tanya, my blogger friend from BC. We had a great chat for over 3 hours! It was great to connect in person with someone who I have met here and feel like I have really connected with. It was amazing to me that we had so much in common and some of the same struggles, plus she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met both outside and inside…………Hey Tanya, remember “your hot, so deal with it”. Finally someone almost as hot as me………LOL!
Some times it amazing me how God works and brings people into your life just when you need it the most! It’s nice to know I am not the only crazy one Tanya………maybe us crazies will get together again sometime soon!


4 thoughts on “Friendship over Pepsi

  1. You’re darn right I’m hot, and you are too!!

    It was so awesome to meet you as well. I must say it was one of the things I was looking to the most about coming back “home”. We will definitely have to do it again…soon. Maybe next time you’ll have to come out to my place. That would be cool eh?

    I know that I have found a great friend in you and I’m looking forward in getting to know you better. I had a great time and I’m so glad that we finally met.

    Take care and we’ll talk soon.

  2. Correction…”one of the things I was looking FORWARD to the most”. Just thought I’d clarify.

  3. hey – i agree – TANYA is hot! & she’s a really awesome person.. I’m glad you got to meet her & that you have found a friendship. that’s a real blessing. i get to see Tanya on Saturday & that makes me happy!! i’m thinking of you too – and the internship. i’d love to hear how that is when it all works out!

  4. I had to add my voice too.
    Tanya is not just hot, she’s a hottie!!! But not only that she’s an awesome person!

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