The Beggar

Today I went to the doctor (again) and on my way out I noticed a man standing on the middle island between east and west traffic on Circle Dr. At first I didn’t pay much attention but I had gone through the drive through at Burger King for a drink so I could take my pills. So I stopped and just watched this man while I drank my pop. He was holding an sign and it said “I have 5 kids and we are hungry or something to that effect” and then he held out a coffee cup for those people in the turning lane(turning onto faithful ave) to give him some change. It definately caught my attention ….. I have never seen that in Saskatoon! I watched him for at least 15 -2o minutes and you know out of 60-70 cars or more I counted less than 8 who actually gave him something but he kept going, it did not discourage him! On the way home I was thinking about this……… North America we are programmed not to help someone out, after all there is welfare and social assistance, unemployment, disability etc. why don’t people go to these programs for help or get a job for pete sake? But what about the verse that states……..”don’t forget to be kind to strangers, for some of you have done this have entertained angels without realizing it” Heb 13:2
Most people are of the opinion that if you help someone out who is a bum, they will just expect more from you next time……and its probably true but what about this verse and others like it that demands that we show kindness and give others the clothes off our back if we are true christians that is? And really I know bums and beggars are irritating to most people but why don’t we look at them like Jesus does? Their value does not depreciate because they don’t live like we do……….don’t have the same morals as we do……….expect more when it finally is given to them……in fact Jesus was asked how often do you forgive someone who has hurt you or taken advantage of you, and his answer was “seventy times seven”. We are suppose to love them anyways! Now I don’t always agree with giving them money but what if someone stopped and gave this guy their jacket and brought him some food? Right in the middle of Circle Drive? Now wouldn’t that have been something? He may not have appreciated it like he should have but we are commanded to do it anyways without expecting a Thank YOU! You know that is the kind of Christian I want to be……..not the kind that talks big and hides in the closet when it counts!
Today has really challenged me……..


2 thoughts on “The Beggar

  1. i was just thinking about this yesterday! the same thing happened to me – a young guy was standing in the middle of circle drive with a sign that said “travelling, hungry, broke” or something to that effect, and he was coming right up to the windows. i’ve seen him and his sign a couple times in the last few months – he doesn’t seem to be travelling very quickly. then at superstore, i’ve had the same girl come up to me a couple of times to ask for money for an extra value meal. too bad she doesn’t keep track of who she asks. i am really taken aback that the police are not doing something about this. i do not think that we need to become Toronto, where people come right up to your windows all the time begging for money. i’m actually pretty ticked about it. i agree with you – that if someone actually gave them food, that would be awesome! the unfortunate thing is, and i’ve seen this before. these people turn down the food, because all they really want is the money. if they are hungry – for REAL, than i have no problem buying them something. but i don’t think that is really what they are after. and i’m guessing this is going to be an issue that saskatoon is going to have to deal with very soon. i don’t mean to be cold & heartless – i just want to live in a safe city where i don’t have to feel uncomfortable whenever i step out of my vehicle at the grocery store & even IN my vehicle when i am stopped at a light.

  2. I am a socialist at heart and I empathize with the homeless. My brother has been homeless and unfortunately it has been because of a mental illness. The majority of homeless people are there because of circumstances not choices. Who would want to beg for food? Or not have a home to come home to. I always try to do something little. Last week at my son’s hockey game there was a homeless man (he resembled Santa) and he came in from the cold (Into the cold) with his dirty blanket and pillow and vacant stare. We were planning on going to the concession anyways and I bought an extra hotdog and told him my son didn’t want any. It was like he won a million bucks…
    It made me feel good!

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