Feelings…..woah woah woah……..Feelings!

I wish I had something to write, I am in limbo and definately hating this feeling as I break into singing…(I am singing in the rain, just singing in the rain)……I am just sitting around waiting for a phone call from the district office to let me know which church I will be interning in. They should have phoned me by now, what is taking so long…..MAN!
I just hate being in limbo……..so what’s new with the rest of you………me I am just twidling my thumbs……..LOL!
Ok you caught me, I am in a weird mood……..Barry thinks I am insane and probably rightly so. I am just trying to occupy myself so that I don’t go totally INSANE!
I love this picture……..it’s titled “keep your dogs inside”.
I hope all of you are more sane then me today


One thought on “Feelings…..woah woah woah……..Feelings!

  1. Great Picture!!

    I feel like I’m going insane as well, but not for a good reason. My one cat has ringworm!! I’m getting really stressed out about it. I don’t want the other cat and the dog, or the children to get it. All I was told was to treat her with gloves, put some antifungal cream on and that was it. But the more I read on the net about it, the more I’m getting stressed about it and what do I do when we go away. I don’t expect anyone to treat her, she’s hard enough for me to treat her, let alone someone whom she’s not used to. It just makes me itchy thinking about it. HELP!

    Other than that I’m fine!!
    Take care.

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