Big Girls Don’t Whine

Can you believe it? I am reading a book with that title…it’s a study book our ladies Bible study group is going through. She makes a statement in the book that made me realise that I do allot of things that show a lack of maturity.
This statement in particular struck me
Immaturity longs to be older, wiser, bigger, and more in control; maturity is being older, wiser, bigger and more in control. Immaturity is dependence; maturity is independence. Immaturity is impulsive choices based on emotional reactions; maturity is thoughtful sound choices.
Being a Big Girl means living life to the fullest in all ways, in all places, and in all situations…….

Big Girl Truths to live by;
* Until you take responsibility for yourself, you cannot become all God hopes you will be
* Making the choice to pursue maturity can fix a lot of what is broken in your life, even when you don’t recognize your brokenness.

The stability of a Big Girl’s life doesn’t just come just because you would like to have it. You must choose to pursue it. The pursuit might be difficult, and your choices – even though good – will have consequences, but often the hard choices are the ones that ultimately make life easier.

Your Happiness and fulfillment is linked to the way that you think. Emotions are feelings that originate with what you think. So if you get in a tough spot and think you are going to lose your cool, you will lose your cool…………If you declare to a friend or foe, “You make me so mad”, then your emotions will take over, and you will probably say and do things you don’t mean because you think the another person has the power to make you mad.

The last statment really got me because it’s so true……we speak untruth to ourselves every day.
The big ones for me “you are driving me insane” and so I lose it on my kids. As soon as something happens to me that I think is unfair I say “everyone hates me or I am so unloveable” so I keep myself from people to protect myself from being hurt again, therefore making the statment true because no one wants a friend who is constantly down on themselves.

Its only the first two chapters and I already know that I will have a ton of things to deal with, I just thought I would share some of it here maybe someone else can benefit too I hope.

This weekend was hard for me……….Friday I made the decision to take the intership opportunity……..not sure what that will look like yet but as soon as I know I will post it here. Friday we left for Edmonton to deliver our last pug puppy……..he went to a great home but it was hard to know it would be our last pug puppy. On Sunday morning I got a call from my Sister at 6 a.m. and they let me know that the their dog Buddy was killed. Now for most of us that is not that big of a deal……its just a dog…sure you mourn but he was a pet. For my sister and their family Buddy was their friend, their pet but more importantly he was their security system. In Bolivia, its just not safe for a foreigner because they are targets……..for robbery, for bodily harm etc. You need a dog…a good guard dog but then the risk is that as soon as someone wants to rob you or hurt you………your dog becomes the target. Someone threw meat laced with glass over the fence and Buddy ate it……….it ripped up his insides and he slowly bled to death. It took him a week to die. They didn’t know what was making him sick until they did an autopsy on his body and found glass and meat in his intestinal tract. This was a malicious attack…..they knew what they were doing and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no protection and no rights for foreigners. Now they need to find another dog and quickly but it will never be the same for them…………I have to say to………..I loved that dog….when we went to Bolivia we had so much fun with him and felt so secure because he was so well trained.
Anyways………please pray for their safety!
I need to get ready for work………Take care everyone!


2 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Whine

  1. That books sounds interesting. I feel so awful for your sister and her family. As for it being only a dog. A dog is a part of someone’s family!

  2. Yes, I too feel for your sister’s family. It must be so scary, and then to get another dog and to think that it might be a target as well, it would be very stressful. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded earlier. Here I am complaining (kind of jokingly) that I haven’t gotten an email or comment in the past couple of days.
    I will definitely give you a call when we get out there. I’m not sure when, probably later in the week. We should get there on the 6th, so a couple of days after that. Take care and my prayers are with your sister’s family.

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