My Baby Boo Boo, and one Pug puppy who needs a home.

My Daughter got this brilllant idea to dress Abby up in doll clothes. She is so adorable and loved every minute of it, which surprised me cause she normally doesn’t like to hold still but she loved being dressed up.
Abby came into heat the last week….her very first heat, which means my baby is growing up and by this time next year she will be a Mommy too I hope.

She is such a great little dog……….her potty training it going better now that she has panties to wear in the house. It seems to help her to realise she needs to hold it longer. Okay I know some of you will be grossed out but potty training is serious business at my house.

And there was one………on to my adorable little Gilligan………….

He’s Sold and going to a Home in Edmonton
One solitary Pug puppy left who needs a home
This little boy is just an absolute sweetheart.
I am selling him for $650. He has championship bloodline and if any of you know someone who would is looking for a puppy…….well have them contact me.
He will be about 20-25 pounds full grown and Pugs are great over all family dogs………and if you need comic relief in your home……….YOU NEED A PUG. I can’t tell you how much we laugh at our Mollie who watches TV or barks at a paper bag flying in cirles on the ice or how desperately she asks for her food every morning and evening.
They love their owners completely and don’t care where you live just as long as they are with you…..we take our dogs camping…..trips to grandma’s house……and for trips just to the city to do errands. They are very food motivated and therefore will do anything for a treat…….tricks, potty training..agility, obedience…you name it……….these guys can do it!
A few bad things about pugs………….they can’t be out in the sun when it’s hot………they can have problems with breathing because of their short noses, so they snore and they lose hair. Besides all of that they are the happiest dogs I know, the easiest to adapt to new situations and definately the most fun to have around…
Anyways I hope to find a home soon for my little guy!
Have a great day everyone


One thought on “My Baby Boo Boo, and one Pug puppy who needs a home.

  1. Oh, she’s so cute. I used to do that all the time with my poodle’s when I was young too. I even pushed them around the yard in a doll stroller. Oh to be young again!
    I took down the posters for Koby the other day. Syd says we’re not getting rid of him. So I guess he’s here to stay. He’s been alot better lately, its like things are finally starting to “click” in that teenage brain of his. I really hope that by next summer he will have calmed down a bit. I got him weighed, 80lbs!! Not what I had ever planned for when I got him, but what can you do? He’s gained 30lbs since we got him.
    Anyways, I hope that you find a good home for your last pug and I can’t wait to see the pics of Abby’s pups whenever she has them next year.
    Take care.

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