Oh no it’s October already

This is just amazing to me……….where did my summer go, I feel like I lost it somewhere!
Its getting colder and the days are getting shorter and I just dread snow fall. I sure hope this fall gets drawn out a little considering how much rain we have got this year. I have most of my garden cleaned up, but I need to clean up my flower beds and stuff before the snow flies and it keeps raining so I feel like I will never get to it. I keep thinking too that if we move I won’t be able to experience spring here anyways so why put so much work into it, but then there is the other side of me who wants someone else to enjoy my flowers and garden as much as I do and what if none of these plans work out anyways and we are here for another 20 years, you never know! Personally my favorite time of year is when the days start getting longer…….when spring is just about to hit and you are anticipating the warm weather.
I have a cold………a really bad one and its just not wanting to go away. I slept all afternoon and I feel like I have cotton balls in my head and they are doing some kind of dance in there. I really had to work hard to lead worship this morning with no voice and sneezing every few minutes….it was amazing actually because I really think it was one of the best worship services we have had in a long time. That’s usually what happens when God takes over and I let go of myself!
My dogs are doing great after their surgeries, I always worry about complications and stuff like that but they were back to normal sooner than I expected. The are so much like an extension of me and I had so many problems with dropping them off at the vet because I had horrible dreams of what could happen to them. As usual my parinoia was stupid but I am sure glad they are ok.
We are dealing on two new cars….up to now we have been leasing a kia sorento……..but we pay amazing amounts for gas for it and as much as I hate letting it go its the right thing to do. Barry’s car is getting older and it needs allot of work so we are buying (hopefully) two new cars and paying less then what we pay for the lease every month. Plus getting amazingly great gas mileage……..45 miles to the gallon so our gas budget would be cut into a quarter of what it is now plus we are paying less for two new cars then what we paid for the lease of our SUV. So we are down sizing to a kia spectra and kia rio. We should find out tomorrow if we get it, I sure hope so! It would make a huge difference in our budget.
I hope all of you had a great time of worship in God’s house this morning!
Well that’s it for today!


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