Babies, Babies

So here it is………My cousin Murray and his wife had a baby girl a few weeks ago
and now my good friend Heather had her Baby Boy last week.
Yesterday she finally came home from the hospital. She had to have a ceasearian and then the baby had complications with his birth and jauntice. He spent 4 days in ICU because some stupid doctor or practicing doctor(intern) who didn’t know what he was doing left serious brusing on this babies head. Apparently he as several complaints filed against him because of his rough handling of babies. So I sure hope he gets fired over this….
Anyways Jonas Caide Plaxin was born on Sept 23 at 8 pounds 2 ounces. He is now home and a bit colicy so if you can please keep Heather in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.
I am having trouble uploading pictures so picture’s will follow……..
I let one of my babies go today…….my pug babies are ready to go and all are sold except for one so over the next week, one by one they will leave me. The upside is the money I get for them but the down side is that I am really attached to them so I really have to work with myself not to cry when they leave but I believe I have found them really good homes.
I have to say what is up with the gas prices going up again………..natural and gasoline prices are going up and our salaries and stuff don’t change but they think we can live on less and the governement sanctions it. I am soooo upset because as soon as we think we might catch up something else goes up and the government leaders salaries go up, it just goes on and on …… the corrupt governmental leaders don’t care one bit about us, they get paid and we get higher taxes and higher prices sanctioned by the government. I very rarely get involved in politic discussions because I just don’t like arguing about something that you can do nothing about but this is a huge frustration of mine. What will we have to do next? Have a 3 family income just to survive….send our children out to work to help support the family? This is where things are going folks and I just don’t like it. It’s bad enough that most every family needs two incomes just to survive but what about the single parents out there? It’s only going to get worse!

I had two of my dogs at the vet yesterday. Mollie & Emily are now spayed and I won’t ever be tempted to breed Mollie again and she will get some much deserved rest from having puppies.
She has paid her due’s and now she can rest and just enjoy the rest of her life. No more Next year we will breed Abby and there will be cute little Yorkie puppies around here. It’s so expensive to take the dogs to the vet these days too, it cost me way more than I wanted it to cost. Mostly because Emily is 150 pounds so it triples the cost of a spay. I seriously should have become a vet or a politician because I am definately not making the kind of money they are making……LOL!
Oh well I should go to bed………..I haven’t been sleeping to good lately again! To much on my plate I guess!


One thought on “Babies, Babies

  1. I remember as a child when our dogs had puppies and having to let them go, it was so hard. I’m glad that you have found some good homes for your pugs.
    I agree with you and the whole gas thing, its getting ridiculous. I am so thankful that Jason gets a company car so we don’t have to use ours for his job. When we lived in Stoon, he had to use it for work and it just cost way too much.
    I pray that your friends baby gets over his colic and becomes a happy baby. Its so hard when they’re fussy like that. It’ll all work itself out I’m sure.
    Well thats about it, I hope that you’re doing alright these days. Take care.

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