Money the root of all evil

Well today I have been paying bills……..the money from the sale of my business has come through and so I have been madly paying bills………praying that I can pay it all off so that I can sleep at night! It’s finally happening, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! All I can say is “Praise God” Now, not to let this happen again……….money definately causes allot of problems, especially credit cards. I can honestly say it was fun to close my credit card accounts today. My husband and I decided that we would keep one CC for emergency’s but it would be put away and the rest of our purchases would be paid with cash.
The next few weeks will be kind of scarey for me, I have an appointment with the district superintendent on Oct 19. That will really determine if I get accredited and be able to work as a worship pastor in the Alliance Church in PA. I wish that it could happen faster but that is where it sits and so now I have to get my criminal check done as well as doing a Taylor Johnson Tempermant tests and get my reference to send in their questionaire’s before then.
My kids are growing up so fast, sometimes I wonder where all the time went…..Brandon is 13 now. He was on a survival weekend with cadets this last weekend and even the short time he was gone it feels like he grew. He told us about his weekend, how one of the kids got sent home because he was caught with pot……………POT of all things………ahhhhhh! When did kids his age and that he knows start using pot? Maybe I am living in the dark ages (my kids would definately say I am) but that seems very young to me. He also started calling one of his leaders sweetie to tease her………….hmmm……”Sweetie” is also not something I would associate with boys his age calling a girl……….all this is evidence that my son is growing up and in some ways that makes me glad and in some ways I am sad, he is such a good kid, stubborn sometimes but for the most part a really good kid.
Cassandra is 12 now, she started babysitting this week……….I swear it was just a few months ago that I hired a baby sitter for my own kids and now she is babysitting……ahhhh……where did the time go? She cleaned the entire house, BY HERSELF, on Saturday. I was amazed, trust me, this is not an everyday thing………usually I have to bribe her, just to do her own chores!
Friday My husband and I went to the Saskatchewan Roughrider game in Regina (go riders..yeaha) and we stayed in Regina over night and she stayed at my brother & sister in laws house for night but they brought her back in the morning before we got home. On Friday before we left Cassandra and I had a huge fight. She is definately my challenging child, I admire that so much in her, maybe because she is just like me but she challenges me at every turn. She thinks I hate her because we argue more than I argue with Brandon but the truth is I think that is the greatest part about her, she will never be anyone’s fool, she doesn’t accept things at face value, she always questions and yes sometimes it irritates me but when I sit back and look on it, I realise that she is a great kid! Before I left I made sure I told her that cause I know what its like to grow up thinking that your parent hates you, it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I wanted her to know how very important that she is to me even if we argue, that stuff is normal when you have strong willed people living together but we always end with “I love you”. Its funny cause I don’t consider myself a great parent, I think I do way to much wrong, its my biggest insecurity, my parenting, and when it gets criticized I break down! Maybe because I always thought I should never be a parent cause I feel like damaged goods myself and I didn’t want to pass that on. God has a huge sense of humor though and I have two kids that physically should not be here. Miracle babies they are!
Well I should get some house work done…………


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