Cancer, no respector of persons

My Aunt is dying…..I found out today that she is in palative care, so that is where I am heading today……… Mom phoned me from BC where they are on holidays and requested that I go see her today……My business is sold……….its done complete………I feel like my morning has been filled with frustration. I am being pulled in so many directions, I have to fill out more paper work for my accredidation process I found out this morning, included in that is getting my references to fill out a questionaire about me and a police background check and a personality questionaire……….then my interview with the superintendent and two other pastors will happen on Oct 19……….such a long way away……I am just not good at living in between………….maybe its a patience issue…….I don’t know but I just don’t know how long I can do this stuff. I haven’t heard from the church yet so that has me a bit worried cause they said that I would hear from them either Monday or Tuesday………it just feels like things are piling up all in one day!
Please keep me in your prayers today if you are reading this today!


One thought on “Cancer, no respector of persons

  1. I’ve had alot of people in my family die of cancer as well, it is an awful disease. My prayers are with your family during this time and with you especially.
    Patience, that is what you need to practise right now. Yes, I know its hard, but thats just what you need to do. I hope that you hear from them soon, just so you can “know” either way. Thinking of you today. Take care.

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