Oh Boy………it’s happening!

It happened already, I sent out a resume yesterday for worship ministry and I got a call today.
So fast…………its scarey! Its almost like God is confirming that calling on my life!
I have an interview tomorrow in Prince Albert with the pastors of the Alliance Church. I talked to the Senoir Pastor for about 1 hour on the phone today and I have allot of things that they are looking for and they have allot of the same vision I believe in.
I am soo scared though……my little condemning voice is out and I need to take control of him.
I need to go and show the real me and be confident of my gift.
So if any of you out there are thinking of me between 1-3 p.m. tomorrow please pray for me!

On a different note…………..my Cousin Murray and his Wife Deborah had a Baby girl on Saturday! A beautiful little baby girl…….Ellianna Sophia Grace Hiebert 6 pounds, 15 ounces
Murray is one of my closest cousin’s and growing up we were inseperable………….I am so happy for him because he has always wanted kids and it’s happening for him and his wife

Murray is a Worship Leader in Kansas City at the House of prayer…….allot of what I am doing now is because of his encouragement and his influence. Deborah is one of the most positive people that I know and she has blessed me over and over again with her grace and encouragement as well. When I need to get away……..I go there they are always so positive it can’t help but build you up! Babies are such a blessing and they deserve the blessings!

My friend Heather is due to have her Baby in the next two weeks so I am excited to welcome the little guy into the world………..she’s getting pretty anxious and I don’t blame her, he’s a kicker!

Well I am off to bed to get some non-exsistant sleep………LOL!


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