My husband’s crush

My husband has a huge crush on my son’s Jr high teacher………its acutally quite hilarious…..she is a beautiful young lady……stress the young……..probably a good 14 years younger than us. My son knows this of course cause my husband always makes the joke that he will request more interviews because she’s so beautful……well my son at the supper table last night told my husband that he told his teacher that he has a crush on her and that he would request more interviews because of her………………….OH BOY did we laugh, it was sooo funny! Just the look on my husband’s face when Brandon told him that…….we just died laughing! Brandon finally told him that he didn’t really say it to her but we laughed cause Brandon got him sooo good!
It’s harmless of course, his silly crush but it was soooo funny to see how my son used that to pull a fast one on his Dad! Even now………I am still laughing about it………
Oh well its what I was smiling about today, and now I must go to work!
Have a good day everyone!


One thought on “My husband’s crush

  1. Thats too funny!! Jason would crawl under a rock and die if one of us ever pulled something like that on him. Good one Brandon!

    Once again, thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel like such an idiot at times, I just can’t seem to make up my mind. The leisure guide came out and I saw that there was obedience classes starting on the 14. I need to make up my mind soon. I thought that with the classes coming up, that I would be excited, but frankly, I wasn’t. I don’t know what my problem is. I guess I want a dog that everyone enjoys, not just me. I don’t know, its driving me nutts.

    We’ve been thinking about a few other breeds, that are the same look as Koby, but way smaller. Jason’s not too keen on the Bichon, I know that he wants something sportier looking. He really likes the Shiba Inu. I also do myself. But I’ve read alot about what they are like and they are unlike any other dog. So its a tough decision, and I’m sure they are quite expensive too. Sigh….. I’ve asked God to show me what to do, guide me into the right decision and to have “peace” about it all as well. All I can say is that if we decide to get rid of him and down the line get another dog, its going to be a puppy and learn right from the start how to live in our household, I’ll live with all the puppy stuff, as long as I can have it learn my rules right from the start.

    Well I hope that your doing well too. Your post from last night was a pretty heavy one, I know its hard to not know exactly what you’re suppose to do, I will pray that God will also quide you to the right decision and that you too will find peace in His direction. Take care my friend and have a great weekend!

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