Ding Ding!

What are we doing Today Mom? Where are we going MOM? What can I do today Mom I am bored? What do you say to kids who need to go back to school, BADLY! Ding, Ding has to be my answer of course. It started when my best friend and I went to the city about 5 years ago with the kids of course and my friend being brillant, answers her kids questions by just saying “Ding, Ding” Aw Mom……….come on……..well we laughed for hours and even days after and so from now on when I don’t want to answer my kids, well I just say “Ding, Ding”. The one thing I admire the most about my friend is that she handles everything with humor…even discipline! She has her problems too, she has a manic depressive disorder, but she never lets that stop her from being a great MOM. I am missing her today, she moved away and so I haven’t seen her in 2 years and I think it’s about time I go to Brandon to visit her, but it’s so hard to get away! No excuses though I need to make some plans.
Seriously though, the kids need to go back to school……….soon! I thought it would get better as they get older but I was wrong……….it gets worse! They view me as their personal entertainment guide and so I found lots of work for them to do this summer. Good for me but they thought it sucked! When I was a kids we never complained about being bored cause if we did, we picked rocks on the field, we picked weeds in an incredibly large garden, or we weeded trees that surrounded our farm. We cut wood……..cleaned out calf pens, seriously we just didn’t complain cause it would have come back to bite us. My kids just don’t have a concept of what work really is…..in fact they think they have it hard, their friends bug them cause they have chores but they have it easy.
I am worried today about money……….we need to pay major bills and….well there is no money…..I should really go to work full time but I just don’t know if I can cause there are so many things that I do that I couldn’t if I worked full time……..Technically I already work an 80 hour week…………..I have not been able to sleep properly cause it’s on my mind………..I can’t sell the puppies yet and the money from the puppies is already spoken for to pay our house taxes.
I really need to be able to let this go and trust God……….I wish I would naturally be able to do that!
Well I need to get ready for work, Superstore is calling……….LOL!


One thought on “Ding Ding!

  1. I hear you!! I can’t wait for school to start soon either. I’ll have to remember that “ding ding” for my kids. I sure could have used that on our trip this weekend. So you say that it gets worse when the kids get older? Great, just what I needed to hear.
    I hope that you can find the funds to pay for your bills and such. Take care.

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