Pug puppy Love and other things

For me this is the ultimate in owning dogs…….babies, 6 pug babies to be exact, that turn out to be some of the best family pets on the planet.

I find it so hard when they go to their new homes.

Even now they are gregarious, they love to play and bark and growl. Now just imagine 6 babies in their kennel less than 1 pound yet and standing and growling when someone walks in the room.

I love it, they are amazing little bodies with so much personality it just makes you want to squeeze them. Pugs in general are great family dogs….they love kids, love to play, a small dog but a big heart. My Mollie is so loving but she rules the roost in this house…….even Emily who is 180 pounds by the way, is afraid of her and does what she wants. Its hilarious actually cause my Emily is afraid of every small dog and she really thinks she is a lap dog. Here is sitting with my husband and normally she doesn’t get to sit on the couch but I was not home when this happened!

There are so many things that I love about my dogs that I could go on forever and I love each of them differently…………Emily is my security (she doesn’t like strangers and most people are afraid of her just cause of her size)but she has the softest most gentle spirit…..Mollie is my humour because she is so hilarious………she snores, loudly and endlessly. She likes food ALLOT, her and Abby like to dig carrots out of my garden! Abby well she is my heart, she loves me soooo much (except when I have to groom her) she loves to sit right in my lap, you know right in the hole that is created when you sit cross legged. She absolutely is the cutest little thing I have every seen……all 5 pounds of her! I have been tempted to buy a purse that she can be in so I can take her everywhere with me…but my husband won’t let me! Its to fu fu for him but I can see myself being this excentric old lady that dresses up my dog when I get older! Here is Mollie and Abby Today………I caught them waiting for their food…..do you see the desperate look in Mollie’s eyes?

All in all………the dogs keep me sane………..they don’t talk back…………..they love me unconditionally………they just love being with me! I am totally biased when it comes to my dogs because I think they are the best in the world. I know everything about them……..I studied the personalities of different breeds of dogs before I even decided to purchase them. I think that its important that if you want a dog that you study its history, know the personality of the breed and their flaws before you buy them or evey aquire them because there are way to many unwanted dogs in the world……..I think if people just took a few hours to study the personalities of different dogs and how they would fit into their world there would be allot less dogs or even cats or any animal for that matter in the pound or homeless. I feel very strongly about this subject and I get so upset when I see people who don’t look after their animals properly……

I applied for a job as a Saskatoon Animal Control Officer this week. I think I would be good at it and they are hiring so I just pray that I would get that job. Often I just sit and watch Animal Planet and watch Animal Cops and see some of how people treat their animals it just makes me so upset. Animals put their trust in us to care for them and we abuse them……it goes against every fibre of my being!

Anyways…….I could go on and on but those are my thoughts for the day!



One thought on “Pug puppy Love and other things

  1. Your dogs are so cute! I remember one time when I saw a girl driving a neon in Stoon and she had a mastiff sitting in the front seat beside her, it looked so funny because the dog was about twice her size!
    As you probably have read, I have a dog too. I grew up with toy poodles, my parents bread the one a bit. I got “Taffy” when I was three and we “let her go” when I was 20!! She had a long life. I missed my dogs once I got married. So now we have one of our own. I’ve had alot of second thoughts about him. But it just takes some getting used to having a big dog, compared to a poodle. He’s really cute though and has a pretty good temperment. He’s a lab/husky, maybe a bid of shepherd too. I treat him like a lab though, he seems to act like one for the most part. He’s very friendly too. I took him to agility last week for the first time. He had absolutely no fear of any of the apparatus’. The lady who was running it all said that she had never seen a dog that wasn’t afraid to do anything on the course, she was blown away. I’m having a tough time out here as far as obedience is concerned, its not offered a whole lot out here. I’m hoping that leisure services will offer it again in fall like they did in spring. I was just too late in adopting him to take the spring course. We’re having him in the house more and thats helping alot with him mellowiing out. Just not used to all the HAIR! He’s a good dog though, we do love him alot, its just taken some getting used to. I don’t know if I’ll do agility with him alot. The lady that runs it looks pretty “rough”. She doesn’t look like someone that you’d want to tick off, thats for sure. She also was very controlling over him. It was a new situation for us both (Koby and I) and I had never let him run loose with dogs before, so he was trying to be “top dog” with one of them. She was getting quite rough with Koby and just taking control of him, which I didn’t think was right. Tell me what to do, I’m new to this, so just let me know and I’ll handle it, don’t just take over and have me watch as you try to take over my dog. So like I said, I don’t know if I’ll take him back much. She offers it three times a week, and charges $5 per day, or $50 a month. So its a bit expensive when I consider that I could use that money to have my kids in a swimming club or something else. So maybe once a week for me. We’ll see.
    I hope that you get that job, it would be so fulfilling for you, hard at times, most times I’m sure. Good luck with it. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better, or atleast you sound like you are. If you want to connect through email, I wouldn’t mind that, just let me know. Talk to you later!

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